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How it Works
In a nutshell, you add your favourite pub walks to and in return we pay you a share of the site's profits based on the number of times your walks are downloaded by other members.  The more times they are downloaded, the more you get paid.  As members will leave feedback on the pubs and the walks, it also follows that the more they enjoy your pub walks, the more others members will be encouraged to download them too.

Pub walks are a national passion but before this site there was no easy way to find and download other people's favourites.  Yes there are books with a limited number of walks but these have no feedback to show if pubs have changed hands, if footpaths are blocked or if the maps prove worse than useless (you've been there too, I'm sure!).  So aims to fill this gap and enable anyone to quickly and easily find a tried and tested favorite.

What We Will Pay You
Let's be frank.
Our success depends upon you and whether we can encourage you to add your personal favorites to this site.  Whilst it isn't difficult to load a pub walk, we all lead busy lives with numerous calls upon our time.  So we need to encourage you to move this to the top of your priority list.  That is the reason we pay out a full 50% of the website profits to people like you who support both fellow pub walkers and us by loading their pub walks into this database ... and now we would like you to join them and receive your cut of the profits!  Giving away half the site's profits may seem rash but we believe this will help ensure quickly becomes a a unique community, an indispensable resource and a valued forum for pub walkers across the UK.

Submitting Your Pub Walks
If you are interested in joining our list of pub walk contributors, please tell us using the Contact Us form.  We will then direct you to a standard template where you will enter details of both the walk and the pub including both mandatory information (distance, time, start point, etc) as well as free text areas for descriptions of the pub and directions for the walk.  There will also be space for a map of the route and photos.  To see an example please click on this sample walk.
Thank you for your support.

If you have any other suggestions for improvements to this site please feel free to contact us at
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